Conservation Easements
What is a Conservation Easement? A conservation easement is established by mutual agreement of a landowner and a land trust or government agency. The conservation easement permanently limits certain uses of the land in order to achieve a specified conservation purpose. The conservation easement is the tool most often used because it allows landowners to achieve their conservation goals while maintaining ownership.

There are degrees of land use that can be incorporated into an easement. Easements are tailored to a landowner’s individual circumstance and the terms of the easement are finalized following detailed discussions between the landowner and the land trust. An easement does not grant public access to a property unless the landowner specifically allows it. A landowner’s income has no bearing on the ability to preserve land. It is a factor relating to the tax deduction determined through professional property appraisal.

Easement Process
Interested landowners may contact the Lebanon Valley Conservancy with any questions they have regarding preserving their property. The Conservancy will schedule an initial site visit to collect information and to determine the potential conservation values and wishes of the landowner.

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