Kittatinny Ridge

The Kittatinny Ridge Project, led by Audubon Pennsylvania, is a collaborative effort of local, regional and state organizations and agencies focusing public attention on the importance of the 185 mile long forested Ridge through Pennsylvania. Their mission is to promote conservation activities to protect the Ridge from further habitat loss, fragmentation, and inappropriate land use.

The Kittatinny Ridge (also known as Blue Mountain) is a long mountain ridge that winds 185 miles through eastern and central PA, to the Maryland line. The Ridge is a globally significant fall migration flyway used annually by tens of thousands of raptors, vultures and millions of song birds. It has been designated by Audubon PA as the largest of the state’s important bird areas. Outcroppings along the Ridge make it an excellent place to watch migrating hawks, eagles and vultures. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and Audubon’s Hawk Watch at Waggoner’s Gap are found along the Ridge.

The Kittatinny Ridge is an ecological resource that runs along the northern border of Pennsylvania. It serves as a valuable corridor and hub for a diversity of species. The preservation of this corridor provides lush habitat and movement for certain species.

The Ridge is a vital link of the Appalachian Forest that stretches almost the length of the East Coast, providing critical high quality interior-forest habitat for dozens of species of songbirds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The Kittatinny Ridge includes 160 miles of the protected Appalachian Trail. Its forests protect important drinking water supplies and stream habitat.