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Quittie Creek

The Quittapahilla Watershed Association is dedicated to improving the water quality of the watershed and community awareness of the watershed’s importance.


Through the efforts of the Quittie Park Committee and the Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Quittapahilla Watershed Association was formed. Projects of these partners, along with other groups of which we are one, continue work on the 24 acres of woods, wetlands and limestone bluffs that had been set aside in 1991 to preserve the area’s natural and cultural history.

The Quittapahilla Watershed Association, with many partners, then protected the stream from cattle encroachment, by fencing over 55,000 feet of stream bank and planting stream buffers along the fencing to reduce soil erosion and keep the nutrients out of the streams in the county. For more information, see the Quittapahilla Watershed Association website www.quittapahillawatershedassociation.org and the Copenhaver Tulpehocken Greenway referenced in the Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan.

Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan

The Board of Commissioners adopted the Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan in 2007. All of the plan documents, executive summary and maps are available through the County. Hard copies and CDs may be purchased through the Lebanon County Planning Department. Go to www.lebcounty.org

Tulpehocken Greenway

The Tulpehocken Greenway originates in Lebanon County. This corridor is found in the southern portion of the region along with the South Mountain and Highlands Greenway.


“I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an earth warrior.”

Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990