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From our Board President - Ned Gibble …

As a native of Lebanon County, I was raised in Palmyra, surrounded by open farmland. My uncle sparked my interest in nature through fishing, hiking, bird watching, observing wildlife and learning of the natural environment. I still spend a lot of time outdoors, backpacking, hiking, cross country skiing and trail running. Impacted by these experiences, I pursued a career with these interests in mind and acquired a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. Now, I have a consulting business working in bio-fuel and bio-waste to energy processes in engineering and construction applications.

As a youngster from our backyard looking east, I could only see farmland. The Heisey, Grubb, Bucher and Smith farms filled the landscape. Now only the Smith farm remains. These properties have become developments, retirement homes, and shopping areas. I have observed farms across this nation, and I believe Pennsylvania farms are some of the most beautiful in the county.

Although we need development and housing, we also need to preserve some of our heritage for future generations. Looking for a way to act, I was inspired by the work of The Lebanon Valley Conservancy. This organization preserves land with conservation easements, allowing the landowners to own and use the land, but protecting these natural resources for the future.

TLVC’s mission is to promote the conservation and preservation of the unique cultural, historical and natural resources of our region for the benefit of present and future generations. This was important to my uncle, now me and maybe you and your children?

Now is your time to act, join our organization and make a difference in Lebanon County. Preserve the land, educate the youth, inspire your community and protect our resources. Become a donor today. TLVC is a 100% donor –based, non-profit organization. All our work depends on community support. We ask you to act now and pledge a donation to The Lebanon Valley Conservancy. Ned Gibble - On the Pacific Crest Trail

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Most of our wonderful photographs contained within this website including page banners and photos within the text areas are provided by our Board Member Emeritus,
George C. Gress