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Corporate Investment

Excellent “dividends” from Conservancy investments are delivered through a healthier and more economically sound environment which we all enjoy in the beautiful landscapes and historic venues that give our community character. Indeed it is in everyone’s economic interest to protect what is special about the place we call “home.”

As potential business donors, the Conservancy recognizes that you demand returns on your investments. Investment in Lebanon County’s unique cultural, historical and natural resources yields high returns, preserving our area’s quality of life, heritage and future for the benefit of present and future generations. With growth in our area increasing, it becomes evermore important as “value investors” to entrust our county’s natural lands protection to an organization that helps guide and balance both growth and preservation activities in our county “to protect what needs to be protected and build what needs to be built.” The Lebanon Valley Conservancy participated in the development of the County Comprehensive Plan and to date is protecting and managing approximately 460 acres in conservation easements.

Most of us as residents of the Lebanon Valley understand that what draws people to this area is the appeal of the broad expanse of farmlands, beautiful wooded hills and mountains, and the security of our healthy economy. The Conservancy’s Heritage Trail walking trail maps are being developed to encourage residents and visitors to explore our communities to not only learn and enjoy our heritage, but to become familiar with the businesses in these beautiful and historic towns. Corporate investment ensures we will be able to continue the development of the Heritage Trail maps for 14 communities within Lebanon County. We have four maps completed so far and are beginning the next phase of development for three more communities to be featured.

The Conservancy supports programs for the education of our young through scholarships, field trips, informational brochures, film events, and newsletters. The education of our young is an important investment in our future.

Our thriving business community, whose investments in maintaining the beauty and healthy environment of our valley, is vitally important to ensuring the continuing quality of life for us all.

“The future economic success of Silicon Valley will be contingent on whether we have a good quality of life. World-class workers will only want to come to a world-class living environment.

Communities must plan for a variety of uses and income levels. Why do we care about housing as high-tech employers? If teachers, firefighters, peace officers, retail or restaurant workers can’t live here, then we’re going to fail.”

~ Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group

“Savvy states and communities are starting to think about green space in a more thoughtful and systematic way. They realize that green infrastructure is not a frill—it is smart conservation for the twenty-first century.”

~ Mark A. Benedict & Edward T. McMahon, Conservation Fund